dardin is a Medan, Indonesia based fashion line by Didar Adinda Nasution. She was born in Medan on May 14th 1988. Who wasn't backgrounded in fashion studies but loves to express the way she so deep in loves with fashion. Established in the end of the year 2009. This brand is all about simplicity, comfortness and wearable. dardin created for everyone with a strong desire in fashion to express their uniqueness through their clothing. Selection of fabrics and designs also the way Didar Adinda herself picks fabric colors and textures reflect her own feelings. Inspired by structural forms, she mixes elements of menswear and womenswear, symmetry and asymmetry. dardin would like to show that simple, comfort and wearable outfits could represents edgyness, style and creativity to show more of individual power and character for those who wear them.

download draft bp dardin (link)